SOUTH AFRICA: The Facts and Stats (1994 from my letter to Walter Sisulu)

A South African Economist and Business Leader

Going back through my old writings on floppy discs (“antiques”) at the very beginning of “the writing journey” (in the days when I was “passionately pumping out letters to the various politicians in SA). It may be of interest in South Africa’s dramatic and relatively peaceful transition to democracy.
Perhaps I’ll turn into a new book. Oh no, not another one, c!

enjoy anyway
Gisborne, NZ April 2019
22nd October 1994

Dear Mr Sisulu
The following is a report that I wrote some time ago. I sent it to Mr Trevor Manuel on the 2nd of May this year, It was straight after the Election, but I heard that Mr Manuel had subsequently become a MP. I came across my report the other day and having hearde nothing, I wondered whether it had been received by your department. So I’m sending another one, just in case you are…

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