On the Other Side of the Rainbow

On the Other Side of the Rainbow: Crossing bridges of understanding


The following are some excellent letters in my view on a recent visit to the beautiful Mother City of South Africa) from The Cape Times of Wed April 1 2015. So thought I’d share.: A debate and divergence/diversity of opinion (that a “democracy” allows)

Intolerance Reigns

CRY, cry the beloved readers,.

Were they here to witness it, Steve Biko and Nelson Mandela would be weeping bitter tears.

They stood for tolerance of all cultures, including previous opponents. Their land is awash with intolerance,

They stood for non-racism. Their own people are proving more racist than their previous oppressors,

They stood for intelligence, learning, academic endeavour and the upliftment of the African mind. The academic institutions of this land left as a legacy to all our peoples have been overrun by mobs of mindless crude barbarians bent not on upliftment but on destruction.

They stood for respect for other human…

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