Covid: The never-ending nightmare (from Mail and Guardian)

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‘I should have fought harder for SA vaccine’ — Salim Abdool Karim: Professor Salim Abdool Karim talks to Nicolene de Wee about his responsibility as head of the ministerial advisory committee tasked with guiding the government’s response to…

Covid: The never-ending nightmare (from Mail and Guardian) — “THE JOURNALIST “… REVEALING AND INTERESTING “INTERVIEWS”

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Just had an idea to develop this site and perhaps make my books available at an additional outlet as downloads (ebooks and audiobooks)

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All proceeds go to a local charity (most worthy) – ME!


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Over the Rainbow by Craig Lock (1995) — Books by craig lock: “Explore, Dream, Discover”

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Originally posted on “THE JOURNALIST “… REVEALING AND INTERESTING “INTERVIEWS”: NKOSI SIKELEL’ i’AFRIKA. Nkosi sikelel’ iAfrika God bless Africa Maluphakamis’u phondo Let the horn of her people rise lwayo high up Yizwe imithandazo yethu In your love hear our prayers Nkosi sikelele Thina lusapho lwayo God bless our people (Woza moya) Woza woza Come…

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Siya Kolisi: ‘It’s a privilege, not a burden, to fight for South Africa’

Nelson Mandela and me: Exhibition curator on bringing together a life

My letter to Nelson Mandela (Madiba from 1995)

“Be bold and unseen forces come to one’s aid.”
“You will do foolish things, but do them with enthusiasm.”

Beyond The Miracle: South Africa

Originally posted on The Writing Journey: To whoever opens this parcel- please ensure this little gift gets to our new “out of the box” President of a year and a bit ago 148 Harris St Gisborne 4010 New Zealand 2nd August 1995 Dear President Mandela For many years you have been an inspiration (great)…

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SOUTH AFRICA: The Facts and Stats (1994 from my letter to Walter Sisulu)

A South African Economist and Business Leader

Going back through my old writings on floppy discs (“antiques”) at the very beginning of “the writing journey” (in the days when I was “passionately pumping out letters to the various politicians in SA). It may be of interest in South Africa’s dramatic and relatively peaceful transition to democracy.
Perhaps I’ll turn into a new book. Oh no, not another one, c!

enjoy anyway
Gisborne, NZ April 2019
22nd October 1994

Dear Mr Sisulu
The following is a report that I wrote some time ago. I sent it to Mr Trevor Manuel on the 2nd of May this year, It was straight after the Election, but I heard that Mr Manuel had subsequently become a MP. I came across my report the other day and having hearde nothing, I wondered whether it had been received by your department. So I’m sending another one, just in case you are…

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